Bands,  I feel your excitement and your pain.

Here is something that will engage your fans and immerse them in a specular performance like nothing else.

Lets roleplay for a second.

You’re band has been slogging it out at live gigs for years and years, and some of those gigs didn’t have quite the attendance you’d hoped for, even though your social media following is respectable.

Lets be honest. If you have, say, 1000 followers on Facebook, you might have 30 show up at your live gig. Life is busy. Many things can stand in the way of punters attending your show.

Unless you have 100% commitment from all of your fans, lets not kid ourselves and expect more than 20% of your local “followers” to attend.

Here’s a list of common reasons why your fans may not be coming out to see you at (the venue) this Friday night:

  • Too far out of the way
  • Too cold
  • Tickets too expensive
  • Cant get a babysitter
  • Need to get up early for a game of footy the next day
  • Have no one to go with and don’t want to go alone
  • No wheelchair access
  • Trying to quit smoking (and being out makes me crave smokes)
  • Parking too expensive
  • The sound at the venue is terrible
  • The door person is ugly
  • Went out last weekend
  • Had a big one last night
  • Beers at the venue too expensive
  • There is another band playing across town at the same time

And so on…. Put your hand up if one, some, or ALL of these reasons have stopped YOU from going out to see your fav band.

Im guilty of at least half of these barriers to entry.

Well, times are changing.

Don’t get me wrong. Live gigs will still happen, and when they do, you can give out a free sneak peek of a previously recorded LIVE gig at every gig you do, and you’ll get paid when fans buy entry into your immersive VR360LIVE gig.

What the heck is a VR360LIVE gig?

Let me break it down for you.

– VR = virtual reality. Fans will watch your gig through a VR headset.

– 360 means it’s ONE pretty special, seamless camera in the middle of the arena you perform at.

The LIVE part means it was filmed live. (When web speeds are fast enough to broadcast in 4k 360, then well definitely do that too, but for now let’s call it a delayed telecast.) 

What do we need to do to record this VR360LIVE gig, you ask? 

Well, the champs at VR360LIVE welcome you to record in their purposebuilt arena with an epic production recorded in 4K 360 video with 44.1 kbps CDquality audio.

Hmm, sounds expensiveyou say. Wellfor once in your life, someone is on your side.

You’ll record a stomping 45minute show, and your fans will see an exclusive, intimate, mindblowing performance that you can promote over and over again, and this will cost you…$0. Zero. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

And better yet, you’ll actually make money.

Say whaaaaat?

Yep, money.

You’ll get 20% of ALL ticket sales for the heavily promoted VR360LIVE.

And once the gig is done, you’ll get 50% from any further views of your VR360LIVE gig, paid out monthly, just like royalties.

But how do these VR360LIVE punters see the VR gig? Wont they need a VR headset? 

Yep. We’ll send them a complimentary VR headset in the post. We have designed a version of a VR set that they can keep forever. It’s a simple cardboard set that will get them in the thick of your show. (Upgrade options are available for purchase.)

The promotions will be taken care of on social media and by various other clever means through our promotions partner NEAT.

The production company is the same massive company that takes care of Womad, BDO, many corporate events, and now VR360LIVE. These guys are Novatech Creative Event Technology. They take care of the audio mix too, with a studioquality mix, specifically for headphone listeners. You and your fans are in good hands.

The full production is managed by ETI_Music and directed by Pete Barter. (He’s the mad scientist behind this whole shebang.)

There are a heap of additional addons along the way that will provide even more value to your event, such as additional cameras, so you can get a film clip made at the same time, and photography, as this events production is too good not to snap. The audio can be used for a live CD you can remix, edit, and sell later (with a note, of course, directing people to view the live set).

If you are interested, throw us your details in the form below and let us know your thoughts.

Lets get you happening in Virtual World. 

Where you can be seen by anyone anytime all over the world.