So, youre a fan of live music,

but like the ever increasing number of fans just like you, these days it seems there are a number of things that prevent you from going out to see your favourite band or just going out to get a taste of some new music.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure you still make an effort to get out when you can. But thats just it, it‘s an effort. Weather, Parking or Babysitters, There’s a lot that can get in the way of a good night out. Maybe you want to have a few drinks but you can’t line up a designated driverMaybe you’ve got a medical condition. Or maybe youre just sick of the venue’s bad sound or beer prices.

Whatever the reason, we all know that bands are feeling the impact. 


Well, thats all about to change.

With VR360LIVE, you can see and support your favourite band or discover new music in the comfort of your own home. You’ll enjoy CDquality audio and 4k immersive, 360degree entertainment.

Many bands are lined up to record an exclusive show for you in 360. You’ll virtually be standing right in the middle of their epic performance. They will perform directly to you as if youre the only person they care about. 

Here is how simple it is:

1-Find a band you’d like to see. (They will invite you if you‘re a FB follower.
2-Buy a ticket to their upcoming VR360LIVE event (or an encore stream). 
3- Wait for the SMS notification with your unique web link, then click it. 
4- Put your phone in your VR headset, put your headphones on, and BAM! You are there. 

But what if I don’t have a VR headset? I hear you ask! 


No problem. We will send you a complimentary set for you to for keeps.

Please understand that VR360LIVE is not aiming to replace venues. Or maybe it will, Who knows? Were just excited to be able to bring live bands to you. 

No matter where you are, as long as you have a good internet connection and two working eyes and ears, you are all set. 


We would love for you to enjoy your experience with us.

below are some gear, technology and environment health checks.

And some FAQ’s

VR Goggles

This is the bit that you put on your face that will put your right in the action.  VR ( Virtual Reality ) will make it seem like you are right in the room at the gig.

VR sets come in many variations from simple cardboard right up to hundreds of dollars worth.  The difference between the cheap and the expensive is HEAPS.  Better comfort for longer wearing, adjustable straps,  Adjustable focus (you’ll need this for different phone models)  and some even have built in headphones and bluetooth controls for operation your phone while its snug in the head set.

We recommend this design for an affordable upgrade.

We re working on a deal for you so you can buy directly from here for a bargain.




The better your bandwidth ( internet speed ) is the better the image and sound will be. We will be sharing all VR360LIVE events in 4K  but that doesn’t mean you are forced to watch in 4K.

But why wouldn’t I want to watch it in 4K  Aye  ?????????

Well. Im glad you asked. 4K is resource heavy. sucks data from your internet quota.  but most people have more than enough these days.

100 minutes of video viewed in 4K,=  14650 MB (1.4 gig) data used ( approx. )
4K – 2160p            – Best viewing and listening experience. You’ll need a 25 Mbps to achieve greatness
HD – 1440p            – Still Pretty Darn Good.  10Mbps for this one
HD – 1080p video   – You’ll still be happy here  8Mbps Minimum to watch at this level.
HD – 720p  video    – Yep still happy, but you’ll be envious of the other guys above you  5Mbps here.
480p video – NAHH , It will be blurry and blocky and the sound will be compressed
360p video  – Pfht ,
240p video  –  No Comment 
144p  video    – Go fishing!

Check your speed here

Head phones

You need a good set of headphones or ear buds.  This is super important for an awesome sound experience.

The VR headset design that we recommend has good headphones built in so no muss no fuss.  but if you are Really REALLY into top shelf audio then you can spend some good money here.


Your Surroundings


Their may not be a mosh pit or a drunken fool.  but your could trip on your cat.

Standing is cool,  this way you can rely get in on the action and move / pivot to see the action.

Sitting on a swivel chair is also cool.  that way you know that you arnt moving around too much.

The seated position is recommended for first timers as VR can ( but probably wont ) cause dizziness. until you are a seasoned VR’er then seated is your safest bet.

Also. an Important tip, The VR headset we’ll send you or an upgrade that we recommend has noting covering your mouth hole so breathing and drinking is not affected 😉 😉


Nominate your Fav Band

By nominating your favourite band you instantly go in the draw to win a free upgraded VR headset worth $110.  We’ll let you know if you’ve won once we book them in for a VR360LIVE gig

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